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Independence Day — Taken for Granted

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Independence Day — a day to celebrate freedom — freedom from the chains; freedom from the shutterrs; freedom from the clutters of mind, of physical bondage, of intellectuals, of foolishness; freedom from the daily rubbings of life. Its a day to remember the days of struggle — the struggles of freedom fighters , the struggle of blacks against whites, the struggle of change against stability, the struggle of selflessness against material possessions, the struggle of insecurity against complacency — its a day to remember all our strife and combat against the unwanted.
But how many of us have taken charge and faced reality boldly? How many of us have done something for the society? Leave behind society, have we ever looked into our own self? How many of today’s youth have foregone sleep to watch the flag-hosting ceremony? How many of us have sung the National Anthem? How many have celebrated Independence Day from the heart? Its a shame to us and a shame for every Indian that we cannot even respect the Flag atleast once a year. And you ask these questions and the answer you get is ” I need not celebrate Independence on this one day … I feel it from the heart.” .. Be ashamed. Ask yourself. You have not spared few minutes of yours respecting the Flag this one day…how are you expected to respect it for the whole life!
Independence is taken for granted. Showing pride in the country’s biggest event has taken a back seat. Wake up my friend! Do something this day! Do something to change yourselves. Do something to change your surrounding. Look beyond the narrow scope of your life into the outside world. Write scraps to your friends. Write a blog! Tweet! Upload a video! Send an ecard to your nearest ones. Take pride in this day and show every other Indian what you can do! Shake away the lethatgy and show them the meaning of perseverance! Show the world that Indians are not to be taken lightly. Create a mass movement to bring out the hidden sense of belongingness and use it to fire up the hearts of every Indian. Be the change to bring the change.

This day, we take pledge to shake up the dormant Indian in each one of us, to bring to life the feelings of attachment to our holy Mother, to share this inner sense of cheerfulness with all the weak souls, to evoke real freedom from this day onwards.

We march on…we march on… will you come?


Written by Abhishek

August 15, 2009 at 12:09 PM

8 Responses

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  1. The spirit with which this blog is written is appreciable. You are bang on target when you say that independence is taken for granted. But why your ideas for celebrations (scrap, tweet, e-card) are limited to internet? You could have explored other possible ways to celebrate. One more thing …. I do not understand why everybody is after proving the world that we as Indians are not laggard and we are ready to lead. I reckon that world has already taken the notice of Indians. This should not be a reason to celebrate our Independence. We practice Independence daily… but this is the day for remembering the sacrifices made by the people responsible for Independence of our Country.

    Rahul Ambadkar

    August 15, 2009 at 2:07 PM

    • Thanks Rahul. I value your comments on my musings. To explain your queries:
      Firstly, I took the sphere of the internet because it is the easiest medium for the youth in today’s world. It is one sphere where you can express yourself to the fullest with ease.
      Secondly, I agree with you that the world reckons India to be one of the leading countries as of now. However, there are certain parameters on which India is still lagging behind. According to a survey, the willingness to work is somehow very low in Indians. I think few Indians may be on top of the world, but looking at the bigger picture, we will need more enthusiastic Indians to come up.
      Thirdly, I took this ‘excuse’ of Independence Day, because this is one of those days which stir up every Indian heart. And taking cue of this extra feeling of energy, a little more pump will be sufficient to promote my thoughts amongst my readers.

      Whether its Independence Day or not, we, as Indians, always respect and salute our Motherland and those who gave their lives for her.
      Jai Hind


      August 15, 2009 at 4:09 PM

  2. Well…just a few random thoughts dat came to my mind after reading this thought-provoking article…
    How should we define patriotism? Is it just about remembering your motherland for 52 seconds while the national anthem plays on a particular 15th day of a particular month called August that comes once in every 365 days?. Or is it that inexplicable feeling of pride, of a love and possessiveness for the motherland that seems to surpass all , that strange but invigorating energy every second of that national anthem pours into your sinews?
    Its true that “You have not spared few minutes of yours respecting the Flag this one day…how are you expected to respect it for the whole life!”, but then I feel that more than respecting the flag and singing aloud the national anthem this day , what is needed urgently is to respect and sing aloud the song of the people of this country. With every ounce of that invigorating pride the national anthem instills, go out and make a change for the people of this nation. Teach an illiterate child every day what the national flag signifies and the meaning of each word of the anthem. Allow him to enjoy that same feel you get while singing the song aloud.
    Remember the feel of guilt which this article has stirred in ur mind (if it has at all, of course) and try repenting for it by remembering what different people of this country have done for you and what you have done for them? Rather, what you are willing to do for them. Analyse yourself and introspect, that is the most important part, I agree wholeheartedly.
    And then again independence is a very strong word. Are we independent? Independent from jealousy, malice, pride and envy? Independent from this mad desire for money? Independant from the cravings of what we label as “success”. Independence is a quest, a pursuit which we need to undertake each and every day. We cannot afford to do this only for a single day. Independence day is a “Utopia” we should dream to achieve every single moment of our existence.
    So, the march is really on…each day, everyday and every single moment you breathe…


    August 15, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    • Thanks Samrat. I appreciate your thoughts. Its true that we canot force feelings on someone else nor can we force people to get to the meaning of our national anthem just by making them sing loudly. However, I do believe that repeatativeness has some effect on human mind. Just sing aloud for sometime and you will find yourself trying to delve deeply into the inner meaining of the words. And yes, I agree whole heartedly to the fact that introspection is the most important of all. If we take up a very small task each day and try to complete it wholeheartedly, it will bring more satisfaction than doing a humungous task in a year. Even if are able to spread a little bit of happiness amongst our friends every single day, it would make the world a much better place to live in. Try out the following: Take randomly the name of any of your friend and write to him a few lines how he has made an impact on your life and/or send him a token of thanks for what he has done. You will feel a lot more satisfied with yourself and with the surroundings with every passing day. This is the real march… and it goes on.


      August 15, 2009 at 4:26 PM

  3. Hii……It’s a great enthuciasm on your part to write a thought provoking article on patriotism and the lazy counterpart of we fellow Indians to tribute the tricolor ,is really a splendid stuff to read.But dear have u ever thought that the people who might be absent on that particular event might be a bigger patriot and lover for their motherland than the batch of fellow students who might cluster in one fine morning to watch the flag-hoist and sit on their pretty couches round the year even when the national anthem is sung aloud………Leave these etiquettes behind how many of us really have the dream to shape the nation with our capabilities?how many of us can promise to leave a well-paid job abroad to serve the PSUs and govt organizations to change their structure and work culture from the root?How many can u count who instead of blindly shaping his career can put a little effort to remove the social curses and the political mayhems?do we? do we really feel we are a part of the entity ‘India’ unless one Dhoni lifts the world cup or one sense of pride is attatched to it?Or may be the other way round. If we are on the other end of receiving wrath of others like the Mumbai carnage or NRIs being mistreated in australia provokes us to think we are Indians………Other-wise through out the year we r just selfish catterpillars binding our selves into narrow cocoons to come out flying with colours galore .and our attitude towards our fellow natives is just indifferent.Or might be even separatist as Hindus and Muslims,marathis and nonmarathis….generals and SCs,STs,OBCs? So if being present at a flag-hoist ceremony means sumtotal of all our patriotism and responsibility towards our mother-land then may be that is a big zero on many of our part.But I will still say I dont find any proper reason to gather at such a ceremony unless we come out heartily as Indians.

    Saranjit Gupta

    August 15, 2009 at 4:50 PM

    • My dear friend Saranjit, You have probably misread my musings or misinterpretated them to mean that “being present at a flag-hoist ceremony means sumtotal of all our patriotism”. Its is not my intention or my motive to make my readers feel that a social gathering is equivalent to the patriotism in our hearts. Neither it is my intention to force my readers into believing that outward show of respect can in any way equal to what one feels from inside. However, we may take note of the fact that, we, as Indians, can spare some few minutes on this particular day to show our feelings to the matyrs of our country. We need to discipline ourselves a little and introspect a bit. This author understands the fact that action speaks better than words, but can the same be said when it is applied to our lives. Can we say this? Can we tell yourselves that we have done so great a job in the past that we have the ‘right’ to rest on this day? One day is all we need to change ourselves… and may this one day come very soon into our lives.


      August 15, 2009 at 7:40 PM

  4. Well said Abhishek.

    Earned freedom, like understood religion, must be practised incorporating the essence of what they mean. I am not certain we all do that as a manner of living.


    August 16, 2009 at 12:22 PM

    • True… very true… We have got used to freedom…we dont feel it now..we need someone to shake us up and bring us out of complacency… and the youth of today needs to take a cue and bring out their best in their respective field.


      August 16, 2009 at 12:36 PM

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