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After some 16 years, we made a short trip away from the daily chores of  our household. A short trip indeed – 3 days only – but no doubt one of the most soothing and charming journeys ever. It was quite a trip with no proper planning at all – not knowing how to go where we should be heading next.
We started off from Kolkata on the 31st morning for Maithon – one of the most beautiful and calming place I had ever seen. Maithon, located on the banks of river Barakar, is the home of one of the most successful projects of India and  the Damodar Valley Corporation’s first successful one. The chilling cold splash of waves against the rocks, the shivery pinching of the cold winds against our faces and the beautiful scenery – it all made for a perfect way to end 2009.

From there, we made it to Bakreshwar – the place of ten hot springs.  It attracts many from around the country and is one of the most happening tourist spot in the country. As the myth goes, the water from the hot springs has magical properties  and a bath in the hot water sprouting from the fissures can cure you of the different maladies .

We left Bakreshwar on 2nd for Tarapith –  a place of Maa Kali Bhakts. Well, for me it was a different puja altogether at Tarapith. Me and my brother enjoyed some “pet” pujo while our parents sweated out in the long queues for a “darshan ” of Maa Kali. I do not their perspective but I enjoyed some beautiful “Khachori“s and “Langcha“s (for those who don’t know what it is , refer  the Wikipedia article here ).

We returned to Kolkata back on 3rd. A truly memorable trip for me for 3 reasons :

  1. A trip after 16 long years.
  2. Traveling through the dusty roads of the country side and enjoying the village life.
  3. Meeting people from different walks of life.

Signing off by saying “Happy New Year” to you all ! May your wishes be fulfilled!


Written by Abhishek

January 3, 2010 at 9:04 PM

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