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Twitter bans 370 obvious passwords..

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The importance of a secure password need not, at this (technological) age, be told to regular surfers. With news of different hacks and cracks on well known sites becoming a regular feature on the Google News page, it seems pretty urgent to popularize the list of most use d passwords, thus dissuading unsuspecting users from using them.

Twitter recently banned about 370 passwords, the list of which really makes for an interesting read.  People have tried different passwords at different times. People still use “password” or “twitter” as their passwords prompting those two to be among the banned. Many forbidden passwords include sport teams, names of people and cities. But the more intriguing  include childlike nonchalance, such as “butthead” or “biteme,” while “sexsex” and “nipples” also made the list.  The sci-fi nerd now needs something more than  “gandalf”. For a website popular with technology fans, science fiction terms figure in the list too. “THX1138”, the title of the first George Lucas( of Star Wars fame) feature film , is banned, as is “NCC1701” – the registry number of Star Trek’s starship Enterprise – and (un)fortunately for the skeptical, “trustno1” which was Fox Mulder’s password in The X-Files is also in the list of banned passwords. Also for the mathematically inclined, permutation and combination of the 10 digits may not be a good idea with Twitter blacklisting passwords like “1111111” or “123456”.

Security experts suggest using different passwords for different sites and twisting and turning the passwords over a period of time so as to avoid any kind of security breaches. Many people are now turning to automatic password generators, as every browser now has the “remember password” feature.

Here’s the list of banned Twitter passwords. Ensure that you do not use any of these or their variants.And yes! Happy browsing through the list for I know you would not be able to control your laughter while going through some of these.

111111, 11111111, 112233, 121212, 123123, 123456, 1234567, 12345678, 131313, 232323, 654321, 666666, 696969, 777777, 7777777, 8675309, 987654, aaaaaa, abc123, abc123, abcdef, abgrtyu, access, access14, action, albert, alexis, amanda, amateur, andrea, andrew, angela, angels, animal, anthony, apollo, apples, arsenal, arthur, asdfgh, asdfgh, ashley, asshole, august, austin, badboy, bailey, banana, barney, baseball, batman, beaver, beavis, bigcock, bigdaddy, bigdick, bigdog, bigtits, birdie, bitches, biteme, blazer, blonde, blondes, blowjob, blowme, bond007, bonnie, booboo, booger, boomer, boston, brandon, brandy, braves, brazil, bronco, broncos, bulldog, buster, butter, butthead, calvin, camaro, cameron, canada, captain, carlos, carter, casper, charles, charlie, cheese, chelsea, chester, chicago, chicken, cocacola, coffee, college, compaq, computer, cookie, cooper, corvette, cowboy, cowboys, crystal, cumming, cumshot, dakota, dallas, daniel, danielle, debbie, dennis, diablo, diamond, doctor, doggie, dolphin, dolphins, donald, dragon, dreams, driver, eagle1, eagles, edward, einstein, erotic, extreme, falcon, fender, ferrari, firebird, fishing, florida, flower, flyers, football, forever, freddy, freedom, fucked, fucker, fucking, fuckme, fuckyou, gandalf, gateway, gators, gemini, george, giants, ginger, golden, golfer, gordon, gregory, guitar, gunner, hammer, hannah, hardcore, harley, heather, helpme, hentai, hockey, hooters, horney, hotdog, hunter, hunting, iceman, iloveyou, internet, iwantu, jackie, jackson, jaguar, jasmine, jasper, jennifer, jeremy, jessica, johnny, johnson, jordan, joseph, joshua, junior, justin, killer, knight, ladies, lakers, lauren, leather, legend, letmein, letmein, little, london, lovers, maddog, madison, maggie, magnum, marine, marlboro, martin, marvin, master, matrix, matthew, maverick, maxwell, melissa, member, mercedes, merlin, michael, michelle, mickey, midnight, miller, mistress, monica, monkey, monkey, monster, morgan, mother, mountain, muffin, murphy, mustang, naked, nascar, nathan, naughty, ncc1701, newyork, nicholas, nicole, nipple, nipples, oliver, orange, packers, panther, panties, parker, password, password, password1, password12, password123, patrick, peaches, peanut, pepper, phantom, phoenix, player, please, pookie, porsche, prince, princess, private, purple, pussies, qazwsx, qwerty, qwertyui, rabbit, rachel, racing, raiders, rainbow, ranger, rangers, rebecca, redskins, redsox, redwings, richard, robert, rocket, rosebud, runner, rush2112, russia, samantha, sammy, samson, sandra, saturn, scooby, scooter, scorpio, scorpion, secret, sexsex, shadow, shannon, shaved, sierra, silver, skippy, slayer, smokey, snoopy, soccer, sophie, spanky, sparky, spider, squirt, srinivas, startrek, starwars, steelers, steven, sticky, stupid, success, suckit, summer, sunshine, superman, surfer, swimming, sydney, taylor, tennis, teresa, tester, testing, theman, thomas, thunder, thx1138, tiffany, tigers, tigger, tomcat, topgun, toyota, travis, trouble, trustno1, tucker, turtle, twitter, united, vagina, victor, victoria, viking, voodoo, voyager, walter, warrior, welcome, whatever, william, willie, wilson, winner, winston, winter, wizard, xavier, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, yamaha, yankee, yankees, yellow, zxcvbn, zxcvbnm, zzzzzz.


Written by Abhishek

January 5, 2010 at 9:52 PM

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