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Rebirth of a Rebel

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The rebel and his army

He looked down onto the wet earth,
The  ashes  still  warm on  the  pyre,
A  glance  with neglect   and  dearth
At his rebel ideas  razing in the  fire.

As   numbness   bloated  the   hollow  fog
And vapours condensed on glasses moist,
He’s  proud   for  that   mighty   prologue
And  of the fearless  opinions  he  voiced.

– Each one of us has two lives – one where we live and the other where our ideas live. Most of us are not passionate enough to contribute significantly to the second part. The Rebel lives on, dormant in each one of us, without ever realizing its power to put forth new ideas and inspiration for the next generation.

– This poem is a toast to all those Bloggers and Activists who are voicing their opinions and trying to educate the masses.

He looked down onto the wet earth,

The  ashes  still  warm  on  the  pyre,

A  glance  with neglect   and  dearth

At his rebel ideas  razing in the  fire.

As   numbness  bloated  the   hollow  fog

And vapours condensed on glasses moist,

He’s   proud   for  that   mighty   prologue

And  of the fearless  opinions  he  voiced.

Written by Abhishek

August 16, 2010 at 7:16 PM

A Moment For Them

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Sweating, he toils in the sand,
Digging as hard as he can,
Have we looked at his worn-out hand?
Or, his jaded feet, did we scan?

The sun is up and rough,
But, without a word, he digs on,
What has made him so tough?
Or, what inner strength does he don?

Not much of age, maybe ten,
Sure, he is not digging for gold.
What is he looking for then?
Or, … has he just been sold!

As his master gives him a stare,
He digs on, fearful of a bash,
Is it out of his master’s scare?
Or, because of the day-end cash?

Slowly, the light gets dim,
And as the evening settles down,
He returns to his hut grim,
But happy that he fetched his crown.

As he places the earned pay
in his mother’s hand, he smiled,
For him, a nonchalant end to another day!
For us: “Who cares if he’s still a child!

Written by Abhishek

July 18, 2010 at 11:32 AM

Should the government review fertiliser and food subsidies to curb expenditure?

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The following is the article that I have published in Financial Express (08/02/2010) for their Debate on Union Budget 2010-11. The online version of the article can also be found on

Should the government review fertiliser and food subsidies to curb expenditure?

The Union government provides subsidy support for various sectors on the premise that otherwise, the cost of these goods and services would be too high for the masses to afford. Over time, subsidy has also become a populist method to woo voters. But fiscal responsibility would suggest that a degree of pragmatism should be injected into the whole discourse. Considering the sensitivity of the issue, the task poses tough challenges for any government.

The finance minister should review the existing unreformed food and fertiliser subsidy regime to curb the burgeoning expenditure. Growing levels of the two subsidies add to non-Plan expenditures, exacerbating the fiscal deficit. It’s a fact that the subsidy bill underwrites lower capital expenditure in the farm sector. It’s estimated that administrative costs of the public distribution system (PDS) amount to 85% of the total expenses for the system. For farmers, minimum support prices act as a hedge against price shocks.

The government should think about steps like investing more in rural farm and physical infrastructure to offset a probable reduction in subsides. The farm sector needs reforms involving innovative institutional and governance mechanisms to check lower yields and soil degradation. The PDS requires correctives to blunt the inefficiencies, corruption and leakages plaguing it. Providing direct subsidy to marginal farmers, reducing the magnitude of subsidies across the board, inviting free market self-corrective actions and bringing farmers nearer to the ultimate consumer through superior communication and transport facilities are some steps that can lessen the subsidy burden. Appropriate targeting is easier to attain if we switch from indirect subsidies to direct income support.

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Written by Abhishek

February 8, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Exams are better, or Tharoor’s Comments are …

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Aint exams better. Or, only I feel so…

What else would I say?… Or, what else could I say!!! Atleast through out the exam days, you do not have to go through all the ‘bull‘-shit about ‘cows’ and ‘cattles’. And, Tharoor would agree to it. India has been free for quite a long time, yet has not been able to produce rational minds in all these 60 years. None in India has the strength to faceimages the truth. Why else would one argue on a comment which everyone silently agrees with. Don’t you feel that we are cattles? Don’t you feel that we are pretty much being fed, and being eagerly waited upon for all those butchers sitting up there?

I havent given a damn to Gandhi or his principles till now… but feel that he was a man who showed us the way by setting examples. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Abhishek

September 20, 2009 at 11:35 AM

All that glitters has a high refractive index

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It’s modern age, and one fine morning. (Sounds like cliche – dont mind, shah rukheven well known authors use the phrase.) I lay on my back pondering over the recent Mr. Detained Khan case. The fan whirls away slowly. The pale yellow coloured walls stare back at me. Mr. Khan, not so unknown character, was supposedly detained, at a foreign airport. So, what the hell!! Why should all of India, be bothered? Why should the government take up the case to its foreign counterparts? He is like any of the other twenty person held back with him. Is he someone special, any PM or GM? Look at him…Look at him crying. “I want to go back to my country.” Dont cry beta. Dont cry. You are like any other Khan who has been detained. According to Salman, Mr. Khan “may be known in India, but to America, he is just a visitor.”  Agreed Sallu.

But, why should Khans be detained? America glitters, but all that glitters is not gold. Fear of another 9/11 should not be the cause of creating such a “surname-dependent” security check. One famous Khan stirred up the debate, but what about the countless Khans detained daily at the foreign airports. Allowed into the society but after such a harrasment in the hands of the security officials. Why cant Asians be let in just as they are? Why should surnames be a parameter of judgement of your ‘cleanliness’. Remember the formula for refractive index. µ = sin (i) / sin (r). Shouldn’t Americans allow Asians in with normal security check — with i = r, with µ = 1 ? Why bend the ‘light’ relationship between Asians and USA? Why should Americans have a high refractive index and flex the light ray ( with i > r) ? Why can’t our wavelengths match with theirs? Can’t we have Aristotle’s luminiferous Ether pervade the globe and bring everything down to a common wavelength?

All that glitters has a high refractive index. Do you agree?

Written by Abhishek

August 17, 2009 at 12:36 PM

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