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A story about my friend…

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This time around I would not give a lecture on what is right or what is wrong, nor bore you with intellectual thoughts. I am going to tell you a true story – that of a close friend of mine (let’s call him ABC, though it hardly matters).

Well, let me start of by saying that he is one of my closest friends of mine and hence you can expect me to know much about him (if not all). He comes from a very humble background, and has been struggling very much right from his childhood. In this world of luxuries, he lived modestly, never asking for more than what he got, never even dreaming about more than his studies and immediate surroundings, never expecting toys or story books, and never going out with friends for fear of spending too much. One thing that he did was sit down with his books, look outside the window occasionally to have a glimpse of the outside world and then back into his world of studies. My friends – do not misunderstand me – he was not ‘padhakoo’ as you may be thinking, it’s just that his only way to escape from this constrained environment was through his books. He found science very interesting and mathematics too. He did not like literature or social sciences. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 17, 2009 at 10:55 AM

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