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Independence Day — Taken for Granted

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Independence Day — a day to celebrate freedom — freedom from the chains; freedom from the shutterrs; freedom from the clutters of mind, of physical bondage, of intellectuals, of foolishness; freedom from the daily rubbings of life. Its a day to remember the days of struggle — the struggles of freedom fighters , the struggle of blacks against whites, the struggle of change against stability, the struggle of selflessness against material possessions, the struggle of insecurity against complacency — its a day to remember all our strife and combat against the unwanted.
But how many of us have taken charge and faced reality boldly? How many of us have done something for the society? Leave behind society, have we ever looked into our own self? How many of today’s youth have foregone sleep to watch the flag-hosting ceremony? How many of us have sung the National Anthem? How many have celebrated Independence Day from the heart? Its a shame to us and a shame for every Indian that we cannot even respect the Flag atleast once a year. And you ask these questions and the answer you get is ” I need not celebrate Independence on this one day … I feel it from the heart.” .. Be ashamed. Ask yourself. You have not spared few minutes of yours respecting the Flag this one day…how are you expected to respect it for the whole life!
Independence is taken for granted. Showing pride in the country’s biggest event has taken a back seat. Wake up my friend! Do something this day! Do something to change yourselves. Do something to change your surrounding. Look beyond the narrow scope of your life into the outside world. Write scraps to your friends. Write a blog! Tweet! Upload a video! Send an ecard to your nearest ones. Take pride in this day and show every other Indian what you can do! Shake away the lethatgy and show them the meaning of perseverance! Show the world that Indians are not to be taken lightly. Create a mass movement to bring out the hidden sense of belongingness and use it to fire up the hearts of every Indian. Be the change to bring the change.

This day, we take pledge to shake up the dormant Indian in each one of us, to bring to life the feelings of attachment to our holy Mother, to share this inner sense of cheerfulness with all the weak souls, to evoke real freedom from this day onwards.

We march on…we march on… will you come?

Written by Abhishek

August 15, 2009 at 12:09 PM

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