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I got a lot of feedback after I wrote the last post(here), stating how true it is that those that preach should start practicing too. For those new, it was an open letter to Sirji telling him that though his IDEA ads were good enough to inspire thoughts of sustainability in the masses, he should also pay attention to stuffs like book/movie launches or CD launches where a tremendous amount of paper work is used.

Anyways, however, a wierd thought popped into my mind yesterday. What actually does Sustainability mean, when it comes to Trees and Plants? Is it the use of natural products which can be recycled easily (which in turn leads to excess cutting of trees) or lesser use of products made from trees and plants and moving to other forms which can be easily disposed off without threatening Nature.

Here’s two pictures. Vote for the one you like:

EXHIBIT 1 ( Read the fine print! )

EXHIBIT 2 : Clay Cups

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March 19, 2010 at 6:48 PM

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To Sirji

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It’s nice to see you giving your full to IDEA cellular services advertisements, and promoting the idea of using lesser and lesser paper work. It is quite touching to bring in sustainability issues through ads such as these, and your work is truly recommended. I have been seeing these ads over the past few days, when a small thought popped up.

Dont be a virgin

Take a look at any theatre or at any music stores. The amount of paper wasted in publicising is unimaginable. The big banners, paper cutouts, the additional papers in CD cases – do we really need those? With the advent of personal music players, we have almost by heart learnt all lyrics – then why waste papers by printing lyrics. Whenever we visit some theatre, we usually know what film they are currently showing, so why waste promoting a movie which we are fully aware of. Each film has a limited life. Most of these paper are thrown away without proper disposal, and lead to clutter. Can’t we have a deal between the music stores and the promoters for efficient disposal of the waste papers which can be recycled and used further for other movies.

You have made a mark in the common man’s heart through your ads. Now it’s an earnest request to take our cause to the film industry.

It’s a small thought from my side. It’s a small idea from my side.

Sometimes it pays not to be a virgin.



Written by Abhishek

March 12, 2010 at 7:58 PM

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